Design Studio Rich Dust

Rich Dust is founded by designer Sjoerd Koopmans, late 2018. RIch Dust creates brand identities that are thoughtful, personal and multi-dimensional. This manifests itself throughout:

Visual identity — Logo, color system, typography, communication
Environment — Interior, exterior, architectural application
Products — Website, animation, book
Services — Brand strategy, naming, pitch visualization

The aim is to achieve a total brand experience, using all channels for optimal impact; online — offline,  two-dimensional — environmental, still — motion.

Thoughtful. Personal. Multi-dimensional.


Who is Rich Dust?

It’s a he, it’s a she, but above all it’s an idea. Rich Dust is energy. Logic. Thoughtful. It stands for ambition. It’s beauty, it’s magic, it’s guts. Synonyms for Rich Dust are Great Matter / Great Content.

Rich Dust is aiming for the best design result — unique to its environment and its users. A yeahyeahyes!

Why asking?

Who is Rich Dust? A question is quite often the start of a good conversation; for Rich Dust it is always the start of a design process. It is important to get to know the unique qualities that define you and your brand environment. — Morphing into it / becoming the brand — will result in a design that specifically meets the needs and requirements of your company and its target group.

Design Method

Faces of Rich Dust

How does Rich Dust work? Throughout the design process Rich Dust shows 5 different faces:

Face 1 — Researcher
Face 2 — Thinker
Face 3 — Designer
Face 4 — Producer
Face 5 — Evaluator

If you meet them all you’ve been part of a full design process.

To Rich Dust a good design starts with a proper research1. This makes it possible to come up with wonderful idea’s2 that develop further into a thoughtful design3. It will result in a beautiful product4 that can be evaluated5 in time.

Working With

Why Rich Dust?

Well, Dust got a Rich Mind by having a broad interest; to get to know you and your company to create a design that fits.

Rich Dust is working together with architects, artists, fellow designers, game-developers, food specialists and even scientists. The collaboration differs, depending on the project. The bar is set sky-high to create highly enjoyable brand experiences & environments for and with you.

Rich Dust collaborates with a variety of specialists & visionaries from different fields to achieve shared goals.